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Mirroring thoughts

Reflections is a platform for people from different walks of life to share and appreciate one another’s views on a variety of subjects. Reflection or introspection brings about clarity of thought; it helps us understand ourselves better. Often, this sharing in the company of others helps us find solutions to vexing issues. We gain a different perspective, learn a different approach to life. Reflections attempt to improve our relationship with ourselves, something we often neglect in the rush of life.



By |December 19, 2023|Categories: PrernaTherapy, SELF-ESTEEM, VALIDATION|

Greetings of the season! December, for me, is a time for contemplation, reflection and introspection. It is a time when I take stock of the year that has passed. It helps me make a note of my learnings from situations, experiences and people. It also helps me make a mental note of what needs to be learnt, which in turn becomes my motivation to set goals for the next year.

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