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Helping you help yourself

So, what is counselling? And what is psychotherapy? How can either give you prerna to help yourself?

Counselling is an interactive process. It helps you understand yourself better. You can identify factors that caused and continue to stoke the issues with which you are struggling. Most importantly, you learn to deal with those effectively.

Psychotherapy helps people to talk about the issues troubling them and learn to resolve those.

There are times when we wonder why do these things happen? “Why me?”

All of us have a lot of repressed feelings, memories and wishes in the unconscious mind. Counselling and psychotherapy help us bring up what is buried in the unconscious mind to the surface, to the conscious mind. Once we are conscious of it, it is easier for us to deal with it or simply let go of it.

It takes courage to accept that something is wrong and to ask for help. It is a sign of maturity that you want to be better. So, when you seek the help of a counsellor or a psychiatrist, you are not simply normal, you are better.

At PrernaTherapy, I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for most of those who seek my help. CBT helps you learn to be your own therapist. We go through exercises during the session. Then there are “homework” exercises before or after the sessions. These help to develop coping skills that help you change your thinking, troublesome emotions, and behaviour.

These solutions work for both individuals and couples. Remember, even relationship counselling involves a fair amount of work with each individual.

Some wonder if relationship counselling can really work. They question how an outsider can help if a couple or a family who live together cannot solve their own problems?

When people who are very close or live together communicate, the tendency is for one person to judge the other than understand the other’s perspective. As an outsider, the counsellor does not judge but listens patiently. This helps to clarify the issues without involving any emotion or bias. This is how I make one person understand the other’s perspective and suggest changes either or both need to make. Once they understand, the relationship once again becomes strong and positive.

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