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Inspiring, by passion and profession

Some of my clients ask me, “Sure, you are qualified, but don’t you think we should know a little more about you, before we share our deepest fears and personal issues with you?” Fair enough!

Hi! I am Prerna Shah! I have a Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy and have had intensive training in Sand-Play Therapy (Temenos Press Learning Center, Clover Dale, CA, USA) and in Play Therapy (Portobello Institute, Dublin, Ireland).

After 24 years in executing and managing various aspects of social work on behalf of NGOs and business houses, I have been practising as an independent counsellor and psychotherapist in Pune, India, from 2013.
I am in the field not because of my qualification. Rather, my passion for helping others led me to the qualification.

All these years, seeing people go back happy or united as a couple or family, has been the most rewarding experience for me. It gives me immense pleasure to have been a part of their journey, to see how beautifully they have been able to work on themselves. When they thank me, I tell them they should thank themselves. “I have not done anything,” I tell them. “You have put in the hard work.”

The creator, God, whatever one wants to call the source energy is the one who is helping us and guiding us. I am only a medium. I feel gratitude for being chosen as this medium.

Now you may wonder. If I have been helping so many all these years, I must have all the answers. And I must have been bright and confident and had it all rosy and easy right from the beginning, right? On the contrary!

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