It begins with a call. You can reach me

Just make that call

It begins with a call. You can reach me here.

This initial conversation enables me to do two things: get a brief idea of the issue you want to resolve with my help and fix up the time and date for our first session.

Remember, I am on your side, and I guarantee confidentiality.

I will be giving you some assignments designed to get you faster results. These will also help you independently resolve your issues, should any crop up in the future.

How many sessions will we need? In most cases, four to six. What is more important is how much progress we can achieve in each session. And the interest you take in turning up for each session, on time, every time. Nothing happens without your knowledge, permission and wholehearted participation.

The more you tell me during our sessions, the more open you are, the faster we progress towards a resolution. If that makes you more comfortable, let me tell you about myself first.

Still not sure if PrernaTherapy works? Well, let’s hear from some of those who have benefited.

Want to know more about counselling and psychotherapy as it happens at PrernaTherapy? That’s a wonderful way to start and you can find the answer here.