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These are the words of some helped and inspired by PrernaTherapy. Minimally edited for clarity and brevity. Some names have been changed.
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“First of all, a heartfelt thank you. I have used Prerna Mam’s service a few times in the last couple of months. She is a positive personality with a wealth of experience. Just chatting with her itself can lift your mood. I consulted her about my anxiety and stress-related issues. In the first sitting itself, she gave me simple tips and tools which I could use to improve my situation. Overall, I have seen a good improvement in my anxiety issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help with anxiety or stress related issues. I should also mention that she has a beautiful office, coupled with her personality and the office ambience, you can guarantee that you will have a fantastic healing experience. ”
– Pillai
“I’m very glad that I met Prerna mam when I was struggling with life and needed guidance. She is a very patient listener and a practical person. With her help I understood and accepted myself. My thought pattern has turned positive. I’m now confident and fearless about life’s journey. It feels so good to see my own progress. Her therapies are powerful. She can help anyone who is sincerely willing to bring change in their life. It’s an inner change she helps to bring and rest all follows. Loved her beautiful office space also. Thank you mam!! All good wishes for you.”
– Singh
“I consider myself very lucky to have met Prerna at this stage of my life. She is a powerful personality who will change your life. I feel so special and I have got answers which I had been struggling to get in my life. I am more clear about my goals which makes me happier, makes me accept myself and I am confident about each step that I take hereon. And her office is so beautiful with great vibes!”
– Saigal
“Very very happy with Prerna’s guidance n therapy. My life, my thoughts have completely changed, definitely having positive approach and a different perspective towards everything around. Thanks Prerna. Stay blessed.”
– Raheja
“Talking to Prerna was a wonderful experience and definitely life-changing. The sessions I had with her made me a better person and I have been feeling very positive ever since meeting her.”
– Mrunmayee
“You have given me the direction to live my life in a contented way … to stay happy with myself. Thank you for eliminating all kinds of insecurities. Thank you for making me realize that it is not difficult to stay in a relationship and you have to let go the past and embrace the present. Because of all your guidance and sessions, I am ready to face any hardship. I can feel the positivity and my work is also getting stable gradually. Thank you so much for bridging me with myself.”
– Tanesha
“I had issues with prolonged sadness and anxiety which was having a detrimental impact on my married life. Prerna analysed the issue and helped me turn 180° in my relationship. Due to her therapy sessions I am able to feel happy once again and have a blissful relationship with my husband. I am now better equipped to manage the stress coming my way.”
– Padmaja
“I found PrernaTherapy when I didn’t have any direction and did not know how to proceed as far as different aspects of my life were concerned. Talking to her really helped me in many ways. More than anything, I am grateful for the reassurance (about everything in my life falling into place) that I got after my sessions with Prerna.”
– Payal
“Prerna and I share a significant age difference. Still, the ease with which I could open my heart in front of her was something which shocked me. Her sessions are not something which lasts for a short span. I assure you those will stay with you and eradicate the various reasons because of which there has been disruption in your personal or professional life. She made me fall in love with myself and rescued me when I had hit rock bottom.”
– Shalvika
“We had gone to her with a relationship issue threatening our marriage of 14 years. At a time when all seemed lost, she worked with us tirelessly and helped us sort things out. She gave us individual and combined therapy sessions. She also gave us triggers to introspect, comprehend and to equip us to independently sort out issues hounding our lives. I am most thankful to her for resurrecting my relationship with my wife.”
– Manav
“Talking to Prerna was a relief. She has given us the vision to see parenting problems from a different perspective. Looking forward to more sessions with her.” 
– Deepshikha
“Seeking counselling under Prerna was one of the best decisions I ever made. I suffered anxiety issues and had low self-esteem. After just four sessions with her, my thought process completely changed for the better. Her self-help exercises also proved to be very helpful for me.”
– Subhash
“The issues with my mother-in-law were driving me up the wall. She was able to get to me in ways I could not imagine. Thanks for helping me see the whole picture! Now, the visits to my in-laws are not just bearable, but enjoyable. I no longer have the headaches I used to have. I am enjoying the difference.”
– Sharavari
“I wanted to let you know that after about a week I feel a little better. It does make me anxious. Anxious about being miserable again. Fear that I will not be able to deal with stressful situations because I feel a little better. I don’t feel anxious or afraid; it is comforting. Anyway, I realised yesterday just how helpful therapy can be and you are doing a wonderful job!”
– Pooja
“I was stuck in self-pity, anger and rejection. After talking to you, I have been able to let go of not just the world outside, but also the person within me. It has helped me build up my self-esteem on so many fronts. It has made my journey of life more enjoyable, satisfying, happy, peaceful and fulfilling.”
– Manoj