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  Speaking with our children in a way that they listen to us and listening to them in a way that they talk to us, is an art parents need to practice for easy communication with their children. Good communication is an important parenting skill that can lead to an enjoyable, positive parent-child relationship. Listed below are some of the points that we discussed at Mums World recently, which are applicable for parents of toddlers as well as teenagers: Be aware of children's ability to understand. Parents need to communicate with their children, keeping in mind their [...]

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Communication – A key factor to build positive relationship

"I wish we talked to each other at home!", was 21 years old Pinky's response when she was brought to me by her parents for counselling. Before I spoke to the family about the issues they wanted to discuss with me, I asked Pinky if she was comfortable seeing a counsellor for help. Pinky's eyes immediately welled up as she responded to me. She said she was okay with discussing her issues with me but the requirement would have not arisen had there been enough communication at home. Pinky's parents were concerned because she had failed in [...]

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Coping with Sibling Rivalry

  We had one more session of Mums World support group this week and Coping with Sibling rivalry was the topic discussed in the session. Every household with two or more children face sibling rivalry at various levels. Siblings are like friends that children have at home. Friends in a school classroom or on a playground enjoy time together as well as fight at times. Similarly, siblings have their fun times and fight times too. This is very normal. However, parents would like this to stop, to enjoy a more peaceful home. It is natural for parents [...]

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Thank you, my dear mums!

When I woke up this morning, the first thought that crossed my mind was, how can mums world be complete without a mention of my mums. Yes, you read it right. Mums, because I have two mothers, one who gave birth to me and the other is my aunt who helped my mother in raising me. I feel blessed to have double fold love of these two most wonderful women in my life. We often count our blessings, offer gratitude to the supreme energy / God...for whatever we feel we are blessed with. However, it is very [...]

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Mums World

Hello Mums! PrernaTherapy from Pune welcomes you to Mums World! Mums World is ......   Mums World, is an exciting support group for mothers, started as a self-help initiative, with guidance offered by me (Prerna Shah, practicing Counsellor and Psychotherapist) at PrernaTherapy. It is an opportunity for mothers to mingle with like minded women at a similar stage in life. A channel to share the joyful moments as well as the challenges of juggling multiple roles that Mothers play in this modern world. In short, Mums World is a community that facilitates non-judgmental exchange of ideas to [...]

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